Instructor Led Training

Instructor-led training remains the top choice for formal workplace learning. The advantages are obvious and include the ability for students to interact with their peers and the instructor.

The opportunity for students to ask questions, clarify points, complete exercises and get feedback in a supportive environment cannot be overlooked. In addition, the classroom environment provides a structure that many find comfortable and accommodating. We have found that many practices enjoy the convenience and confidence in having everyone together to receive training.

Our skilled, experienced instructors understand and interpret the audience to gauge the pace of the program according to the level of the group. They are also able to determine the students’ comprehension of the subject material.

All of our Training programs are conveniently offered at your workplace.

Individuals or small groups may want to take advantage of our regularly scheduled PUBLIC programs; call for more information and upcoming dates: 416-283-7233, Instructor-Led Training Programs for the Dental Practice.


The materials and chemicals encountered by workers in a dental environment are uniquely hazardous. Dental Practice Safety provides WHMIS training customized to the dental industry. Learn how to protect yourself and your workers.



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Contact Dental Practice Safety at 416.283.7233 or contact us for further information.

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