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Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of health and safety requirements and the time required to achieve a fully compliant program? We can help! Through our Dental Practice Safety Club, we walk you through each step and make full health and safety compliance as easy to achieve as possible, at a reasonable cost.

Consulting Services include:

Dental Practice Safety Club

Membership in the Club comes with multiple benefits, but the most notable is the development and guided implementation of a complete health and safety management program designed for your specific practice.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Recording and presentation of the findings of your worksite hazards and assessment of risk ensures understanding and prepares management for the steps for preventative controls. Hazard identification and risk assessment is a function of the implementation process included as part of the membership in the Dental Practice Safety Club.

Investigation Services – Workplace Conflict

Through our third party partner, we provide non-biased and effective investigation services for workplace conflict. Our goal is to help the parties get beyond conflict and behavioural issues to come effective resolution. Our approach is to balance human rights and occupational health and safety and wellness needs of those involved with the needs of the workplace to operate.


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Contact Dental Practice Safety at 416.283.7233 or contact us for further information.

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